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Center for Laboratory Safety Document Management

The SOP templates provided on this website are developed based on a format following the National Academy of Science (NAS) Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary Sheets (LCSS). As such the information provided is mainly limited to applicable Health and Safety information on a chemical. They are NOT an SOP by themselves but serve as an easy starting point for “laboratory personnel having the most experience and knowledge and who are routinely involved in the experimental process” to write a completed SOP.  A review of the SOP cannot be performed until the lab specific Protocol/Procedure portion is completed.

Users of these templates need to complete the following:  

1) Add lab specific contact information.  

2) Add pertinent lab specific protocol/procedure instructions to the protocol/procedure section.

3) The PI must review the SOP and acknowledge the “contents, requirements and responsibilities outlined in the SOP.” 

4) Researchers who perform that laboratory protocol/process must understand the SOP, sign and date on the last page.

Researchers are expected to understand the correct steps to be performed as detailed in the SOP, including the hazards present in the experiment and the proper safety controls required. By signing the form individual researches are acknowledging that they understand the contents, requirements and their responsibilities outlined in the SOP.

If you have any questions please contact your local EH&S for assistance. If you identify any errors or have comments regarding these templates please contact