Workshop 2018
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Laboratory Safety Workshop 2018
Hazard and Risk Management in the Laboratory

Date:May 6-8, 2018.                                                                                                       Location: Hyatt Centric Chicago Magnificent Mile, 633 North Saint Clair St., Chicago, IL 60611.

This workshop provides a forum for researchers and EH&S experts to work together for the common goal of improving laboratory safety. Speakers and panelists will share their perspectives on necessities and challenges of identifying hazards and managing risks in research and teaching laboratories. Discussions will include current practices in academic, industry, and government laboratories. Insight will be provided by the American Chemical Society, the Chemical Safety Board and Argonne National Laboratory. Participants will have the opportunity to develop action items in small, interactive working groups aimed at specific areas of hazard and risk management as outlined in the program. A poster session will provide a forum to showcase your innovative work in general or specific areas of laboratory safety. The outcomes from this workshop will be published as a Proceedings manuscript to promote best safety practices.

The specific objectives of the Workshop are to:

    1. Identify best practices for educating scientists and EH&S professionals in hazard identification and risk management across different research disciplines.
    2. Identify best practices for educating undergraduate students and teaching assistants in hazard identification and risk management in teaching laboratories.
    3. Explore ways in which academia can learn and benefit from industry and National laboratories in improving hazard identification and risk management.

Program Highlights: 

Keynote Speakers: Vanessa SutherlandChair of Chemical Safety Board, Allison A. Campbell, President of the American Chemical Societand Nancy Leveson, MIT Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Dinner speakers include Alice Young (Associate Vice President-Research, Texas Tech University) and Gene Block (Chancellor, UCLA) 

Preliminary Program 

Preliminary Work Group Session Topics

        Call for posters: Share your innovative safety approaches or research on laboratory safety. Submit a 300-word abstract by

       March 15, 2018 to Imke Schroeder.


Participation is limited to about 120 people. Attendance is by invitation only. Registration opens January 2, 2018.  

Organizing Committee:

       Michael Blayney (Executive Director, Research Safety, Northwestern University)
       Brent Cooley (Deputy Director, EHS, UC Office of the President)
       Marta Gmurczyk (Manager of Safety Programs, ACS)
       Mary Kirchhoff (Education Division Director, ACS)
       Craig Merlic (Executive Director, UC Center for Laboratory Safety)
       Derek Newcomer (Chief, Technical Assistance Branch, Division of Occupational Health and Safety, NIH)
       Imke Schroeder (Senior Research Project Manager, UC Center for Laboratory Safety)
       Ken Smith (Executive Director, EH&S, UC Office of the President)
       Nancy Wayne (Chair of Advisory Board, UC Center for Laboratory Safety)


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