Workshop 2021

2021 Workshop on Laboratory Safety:
Advancing Safety in Teaching and Research

Virtual, May 3-5, 2021


About the Workshop

The 2021 Laboratory Safety Workshop is the 5th Workshop co-organized by the UC Center for Laboratory Safety. The Workshop provides a unique forum for researchers from academia, government laboratories and industry to work together with EH&S experts, and administrators from funding, regulatory and other organizations with the common goal of developing ideas to improve laboratory safety. Speakers and panelists share their perspectives on safety needs and challenges in research and teaching laboratories. Discussions include current practices in academic teaching and research laboratories, as well as industry and government laboratories.

The Workshop has three key features:

  1. Workgroup sessions, where small groups identify opportunities, challenges, and solutions in laboratory safety.
  2. A student panel, where Laboratory Safety Team representatives from different universities discuss their engagement in laboratory safety.
  3. Presentations by researchers and EH&S experts on current safety topics.

Speakers include David Franz (Former Commander,US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases), Colin Dimock (Assistant Vice Chancellor, EH&S, UCLA), Mary Kirchhoff (Executive Vice President, ACS Scientific Advancement Division, Craig Merlic (UCCLS Executive Director, Professor of Chemistry, UCLA), Sammye Sigmann (Senior Lecturer, Appalachian State University, Past-Chair of ACS Division of Chemical Health & Safety, 2019), Stephanie Payne (Professor, Psychological & Brain Sciences, Texas A&M), Caren Wenner (Senior Manager, R&D Science and Engineering, Sandia National Laboratories) and Kamel Mansuri (Staff Scientist, National Toxicology Program Division, NIH).

The 2021 Workshop is organized together with representatives from the American Chemical Society, NIH Division of Occupational Health and Safety, Northwestern University, the University of Connecticut, UCLA and the UC Office of the President.

Poster session: Share your innovative safety approaches or research on laboratory safety. 

Registration and Poster submission open January 25, 2021.

Registration fee $50 and free for students, research staff and faculty.

For more information, contact .

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We are grateful to our sponsors who make the 2021 Workshop possible! 


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