Center Publications
  • Fume Hood Summit 2013 Report 
    L.J. DiBerardinis et al.; editors: L.J. DiBerardinis and I. Schröder; 2015.
    The report presents updated and newly formulated statements to serve as guidelines for chemical fume hood and laboratory ventilation operation and design. The statements were discussed in detail by experts in the field at the Fume Hood Summit workshop at UCLA.
           Feedback for the Fume Hood Summit Report is important. Please send your comments directly to Lou DiBerardinis (
    • Improve Lab Safety Culture: Acting on the APLU Guidelines New
      Mark McLellan, Taylor Eighmy, Kacy Redd, Nancy Wayne
      Interviews and Press Releases
    • Q&A: James Gibson on lab safety at UCLA 
      UCLA Newsroom; July 23, 2014
      The assistant vice chancellor for environment, health and safety explains how the university has improved lab safety during the last few years