The UC Center for Laboratory Safety (UCCLS) was created to improve the practice of laboratory safety through the performance of scientific research and implementation of best safety practices in the laboratory. The Center operates under the oversight of the UC Center for Laboratory Safety Advisory Board with technical support from the UCLA Office of Environment, Health and Safety.

The UC Center for Laboratory Safety White Paper can be viewed here .


2020 Workshop on Laboratory Safety

Our 2020 Workshop on Laboratory Safety will be hosted at UCLA, May 3-5. Visit our event page for more information.

A New Lessons Learned has been published in ACS Chemical Health & Safety 

Lessons learned - Fluoride Exposure New

A series of Lessons Learned have been published in the Jurnal of Chemical Health and Safety 

Lessons learned - Mercury thermometer incident

Lessons learned - Organic peroxide incident

Lessons learned - Vacuum pump fire

Proceedings of the 2016 workshop Safety by Design - Improving safety in research laboratories  

E. Czornyj, D. Newcomer, I. Schroeder, N.L. Wayne, C.A. Merlic, 2018, J Chem Health and Safety
The report summarizes the major outcomes of the 2016 Workshop on Laboratory Safety and describes specific actions to improve laboratory safety culture. Read more

The UC Center for Laboratory Safety and Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Nancy Wayne Received National Awards for Promoting Laboratory Safety

The UC Center for Laboratory Safety received the 2017 Innovation Award of Honor from the Campus Safety, Health and Environmental Management Association (CSHEMA) for promoting laboratory safety at UCLA. Nancy Wayne, an associate Vice Chancellor for Research, was honored with a 2017 Campus Leader Who Cares Award of Honor. Read more.

Accident Investigation UH Manoa

UCCLS conducted an investigation of the March 16, 2016 explosion in a laboratory at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. UCCLS' reports on the accident were released by UH Manoa. View the report on the Technical Analysis of the Accident and Recommendations for Improvements in UH Laboratory Safety Programs. The results of the forensic tests can be viewed here.

Webinar on APLU Guidelines and Toolkit

UCCLS together with BioRAFT organized a webinar on how the APLU Guidelines and Toolkit can be implemented in academic institutions. View here