Jeff Foisel

Position Title
R&D EHS Delivery Leader/Lab Process Safety Technology Leader

Jeff joined Dow Corning in 1989 as a Manufacturing Engineer and Capital Project Engineer in Carrolton, Kentucky.

Jeff has worked in Process Engineering on projects for handling byproduct chlorosilanes as well as being the Science and Technology safety/facility coordinator for many of Dow Corning’s facilities. Jeff has been a part of the process to implement the RC14001 management system within Dow Corning. This work resulted in clarity and consistency of our Dow Corning safety standards and provided him with the opportunity to be a global auditor for both safety and quality. He has written the global lab compliance assessment tools to aid managers in establishing and verifying safety practices for their people. Dow Corning employees have benefited from his courses in Lab Safety training. With the acquisition of Dow Corning into Dow, he continues to work in the area of lab safety, in particular the application of process safety concepts to experimental work. He has given talks at the Kentucky Safety and Health Network conference regarding Safety Communications and how to obtain VPP star status. Jeff has also presented papers for the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Jeff was awarded the prestigious Technical Achievement Award in 1999 and the Manufacturing Achievement Award in 1991. As part of his outreach from Dow he serves as MiOSHA Advisory Committee for PPE; NFPA 45 Technical Committee member; Past Chair of the NFPA Industrial Fire Protection Section Board of Directors, and Member of the NFPA Standards Council. 

Person Type