Patrick Goff

Position Title
Executive Director, Environment Health & Safety UC Berkeley

Patrick Goff is the Executive Director of Environment Health & Safety at UC Berkeley.
In this role since 2017, he oversees several broad programs that support campus safety,
health, fire and life, and environmental protection. Prior to working at UC Berkeley in
this capacity, he worked at UC Santa Cruz for five years as their Executive Director of
Environmental Health & Safety and the Office of Emergency Services. He also managed
the hazardous material and radiation safety programs at UC Berkeley for 22 years.
He has held the lead role in managing numerous projects, including designing hazardous
waste facilities for two campuses, rebuilding UCSC’s and UCB’s radiation safety
programs, creating hazardous materials shipping and hazardous waste disposal programs,
and more. As the Chair of the Government Relations Committee for the national
organization- Campus Safety Health and Environmental Management Association, he
worked with the USEPA to establish the Academic Lab Rule for managing hazardous
waste at universities and revised regulations on PCBs. He also influenced Department of
Homeland Security regulations on chemical facility anti-terrorism and OSHA regulations
on biological hazardous materials training.
Pat is a licensed professional mechanical engineer who has also worked for Chevron
where he was responsible for major pipeline, tank, road and other projects.

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