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The UC Center for Laboratory Safety (UCCLS) was created to improve laboratory safety by conducting research to provide evidence-based best safety practices in the laboratory. UCCLS operates under the oversight of the UC Center for Laboratory Safety Advisory Board with technical support from the UCLA Office of Environment, Health and Safety.

The UC Center for Laboratory Safety White Paper can be viewed here.



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Researcher Exposed by Confusing Ethanol with Formalin

Researcher Exposed to Herpes B Virus during Surgical Procedure

Combing Unknown Waste Caused Freak Reaction


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2021 Workshop on Laboratory Safety
Visit our event page for a summary of the Workshop.

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Accident Investigation UH Manoa

UCCLS conducted an investigation of the March 16, 2016 explosion in a laboratory at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. UCCLS' reports on the accident were released by UH Manoa. View the report on the Technical Analysis of the Accident and Recommendations for Improvements in UH Laboratory Safety Programs. The results of the forensic tests can be viewed here. 


Proceedings of the 2018 Laboratory Safety Workshop: Hazard and Risk Management in the Laboratory