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Safety Tips

What are Safety Tips?

Looking for a way to remind researchers about safety issues or to start more detailed discussions? Safety Tips are particularly well suited for:

Emailing to researchers
Including in newsletters
Posting on announcement boards
Showing on wall monitors
Using in meetings
And more!

Tip Library

Mercury Spill

If a mercury thermometer breaks evacuate and call EH&S. Best to avoid using mercury thermometers.


Do not mix bleach with acids, amines, or even DNA/RNA kits.

Bulk Solvents

Only order the quantity of flammable solvents that can be safely stored in your research lab.


Know what to do and where to go before a fire—but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Lab Freezer Defrosting

Exercise caution when defrosting a lab freezer! Pooling water may cause unexpected hazards.

Nitric Acid

Concentrated nitric acid and nitrate salts should only be combined with reducing agents under very controlled conditions.


Anyone who uses or plans to use a respirator must be properly fit tested and certified by EH&S.


Dispose of sharps in containers that are rigid, puncture-resistant, leak-proof, tight-sealing, and labeled.

Unknown Chemicals

Unknown chemicals are dangerous and expensive—it is everyone's responsibility to avoid creating them.