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Safety Training Consortium

The Safety Training Consortium (STC) is a higher education membership organization founded by research universities, for the purpose of developing safety training for the research community. STC is administered by the UC Center for Laboratory Safety. Visit the STC web site for more information. Direct questions to Imke Schroeder, Ph.D. at UCCLS .


The mission of the Safety Training Consortium is to improve researcher safety by developing high quality, engaging and cross-certifiable safety training for the research community. 


  • Actively develop and maintain a large, self-sustaining community of higher education organizations and corporate research partners that share the Consortium’s vision for leveraging the economics and innovation of common enterprise training.
  • Enable and stimulate discussion on strategic directions for the Consortium by taking advantage of innovative training methods used by Members to develop online course material to be produced by one or more vendors.
  • Establish and maintain a training development schedule based upon the priorities of the Members.
  • Discuss improvements of developed training courses based on evolved best practices or state and federal regulatory changes.
  • Maintain and update a library of safety training courses for the research community.
  • Provide access to the Consortium course library to all Consortium members.
  • Provide support for key UC Center for Laboratory Safety staff that help coordinate efforts of the Consortium as part of its mission to improve safety in research labs.