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Workshop 2014

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Safety in Research Laboratories

The Workshop was attended by 82 researchers, students, and health and safety professionals from both public and private sectors to establish research priorities and criteria to study laboratory safety empirically. Workshop objectives included:

  • Identifying safety challenges associated with hazards in research laboratories
  • Establishing research priorities and research agendas for the study of laboratory safety
  • Stimulating dialogue between research scientists and health & safety professionals
The event opened with a welcome reception, which was attended by UCLA's Chancellor Gene Block.

The proceedings of the 2014 Workshop are published in the Journal Of Chemical Health and Safety.

Workshop Materials: Dr. Susan Silbey's publication slide


Dr. James Gibson (UCLA, EHS, UCCLS)
Dr. Nancy Wayne (UCLA, OVCR, UCCLS)
Dr. Imke Schroeder (UCLA, UCCLS)


2014 Laboratory Safety Workshop was supported by

 We thank the following companies for sponsoring the workshop: