Glass Pipette Breaks and Cuts Researcher’s Hand

What Happened?

A researcher was preparing for an experiment, in which she planned to use a thin, sterile glass pipette to transfer samples. While handling the pipette, the tip broke off and a piece of glass cut through the researcher’s glove causing a laceration on her hand.

What Was The Cause?

The accident was caused by handling a thin glass pipette.

What Corrective Actions Were Taken?

  • Discuss alternative devices to replace glass pipettes

How Can Incidents Like This Be Prevented?

  • If feasible, replace hazardous device with a safer instrument
  • Take your time: allow for plenty of time when handling potentially hazardous devices
  • Be attentive: always be mindful of surroundings and pay attention to potential hazards such thin or cracked glass



When you get hurt in the lab or on campus

  1. Seek medical attention if needed
  2. Report the incident to your supervisor