Dr. Colin Dimock

Position Title
Chair; Assistant Vice Chancellor

Colin Dimock has worked in UCLA’s Office of Environment, Health and Safety for more than 15 years and currently serves as the Assistant Vice Chancellor for EH&S.

He received his undergraduate degree in Physics from Occidental College after which he went to work for Brown and Caldwell Analytical Laboratories as an environmental chemist. Over his nine years at BCA he performed a wide variety of inorganic and organic extractions, mass spectrometry analysis, biological culturing, as well as field sampling. He also served as the company’s Radiation safety Officer and developed unique soil extraction methods for analyzing radioactivity in soil samples for military clients. He joined UCLA in 1999 as part of the Radiation Safety Office and has worked in a variety of positions throughout the organization giving him a thorough understanding of safety issues from many perspectives in the research laboratories and in clinical settings.

As the AVC for EH&S, he continues to work with faculty to elevate UCLA’s safety culture and to share the university’s experience with other campuses.

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