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Graduate Student Researcher, University of Notre Dame

Daniel is a 5th-year PhD Candidate from the University of Notre Dame. Early in his graduate career, Daniel joined the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry’s Lab Safety Officer (LSO) Program, a student-led initiative to provide laboratory safety discussion and peer inspections across all labs. While serving as the Head LSO, Daniel connected with other student leaders from similar Lab Safety Teams (LSTs) at other universities, primarily through the ACS Division of Chemical Health and Safety’s Peer-Led Workshops.

This network of LSTs has received recognition by the American Chemical Society, which provides support and a platform for the LST community through the Office of Safety Programs and Division of Chemical Health and Safety. LST community-created programming includes semesterly “Quick Connections” meetings, an official LST webpage on the ACS website, and numerous LST-related publications in ACS Chemical Health & Safety. This October, ACS is hosting the 2023 Presidential LST Summit, of which Daniel is one of five organizing members.

A headshot of Daniel Hu standing against a dark blue background wearing a white dress shirt, a black suit jacket, and a light blue tie. Daniel has a big smile with dark brown eyes, short black hair, glasses, and medium-toned skin.

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