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Capt. Derek Newcomer

Deputy Director of the Division of Occupational Health and Safety, NIH

Captain Derek Newcomer is a Commissioned Officer within the US Public Health Service and serves as the Deputy Director for the National Institutes of Health’s Division of Occupational Health and Safety. Derek holds a BS in Environmental and Hazardous Materials Management, an MS in Environmental Management from the University of Findlay, an MS in Occupational Health from the Medical College of Ohio, and a Doctor of Public Health from George Washington University. Captain Newcomer's professional qualifications include Certified Industrial Hygienist and a Certified Safety Professional.

A headshot of Derek Newcomer standing against a white wall with an American flag. Derek is wearing a white dress shirt with a suit jacket and a tie, with several medals adorning his jacket. Derek is sporting a reserved smile, brown eyes, a brown buzzcut, and light-toned skin.

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