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Prof. Imke Schroeder

Research Project Manager, UC Center for Laboratory Safety

Dr. Imke Schroeder is the Research Project Manager for the UC Center for Laboratory Safety and is an Adjunct Associate Professor for the Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics at UCLA with more than twenty years of teaching experience. Dr. Schroeder conducts research on laboratory safety, laboratory practices, and how state-implemented safety laws are translated into best
practices. Her research interests include researchers’ safety attitudes and behaviors, and institutions' accident analysis. In addition, Dr. Schroeder serves as the administrative liaison for the Safety Training Consortium, an organization consisting of more than fifty universities and colleges across the United States to develop high-quality, peer-reviewed, and engaging online safety courses to benefit researchers’ safety in the lab. Imke is an Associate Editor of the ACS Chemical Health & Safety Journal as of 2023.

A photo of Dr. Imke Schroeder

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