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Dr. Jannette Ducut

Director of Training and Education, UC Riverside

Janette de la Rosa Ducut has used technology to teach people stuff for the last 24 years. Over the past decade, Janette has changed the way universities provide training by publishing hundreds of online training courses in risk, health, and safety. She specializes in eLearning, video production, and integrating active learning experiences using emerging technology. As the Director of Training & Education at the University of California Riverside, she established the Center of Excellence for Risk & Safety Training. Janette has a Doctor of Education degree from Pepperdine University, teaching credentials, and has conducted academic research in memory, cognition, and ethics education.

A headshot of Jannette Ducut. Janet is standing against some green foliage wearing a black off-the-shoulder shirt. Janet is smiling faintly, with big brown eyes, long brown hair, and medium-toned skin.

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