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Dr. Marta Gmurczyk

Senior Portfolio Manager, ACS Office of Scientific Advancement

Marta has been working for the American Chemical Society (ACS) for the last 18 years. Marta is the Manager of the ACS Safety Programs in the ACS Office of Scientific Advancement where she coordinates, develops, promotes, and implements activities, web resources, and services related to chemical safety. She also serves as the staff liaison to the ACS Committee on Chemical Safety and the Division on Chemical Health and Safety. In her past ACS position, she managed the Office of High School Chemistry, which is part of the American Chemical Society (ACS) Education Division. She managed the ChemMatters magazine, High School Chemistry Clubs, and Professional Development for High School Teachers.

A headshot of Marta Gmurczyk standing in front of a white curtain with small blue dots, wearing a white shirt and a chunky light blue necklace. Marta is smiling big, with brown eyes, short light brown hair, and light-toned skin.

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